Testimonials and Press

Article by Noozhawk

This was probably the coolest, most unique camp Sam has done. He thrived in the creative environment and I could tell he had an amazing amount of fun. I love the hands-on learning and creative expression. He felt confident and good about himself, and learned, too!
2014 • Designer
This was my daughter’s second year doing [media] camp. She loved it so much last year that she begged to do it again. I told her that she wanted to do too many camps, so we were going to have to pick and choose, and I suggested that she try something different, but she insisted that this was one she wanted to do again.
2013 and 2014 • Goleta
Max told me everyday he really liked this camp and would update me on what he had done each day, this is high praise coming from this kid! From a parents point of view I noticed you mentioned at the video viewing how the kids had done all the script and story boarding for the videos beforehand as part of the whole process.
2014 • Goleta
The kids create the story, storyboard, run camera, act in front of the camera, and learn how to edit. It is all fantastic! This is the greatest camp – my son took it twice and loved it both times. I look forward to his growth in this artistic and technical arena from summer to summer.
2015 • Santa Barbara
My son was so excited each day that he asked us to attend a 2nd week! He loved being able to be videographer and use the equipment!
2015 • Santa Barbara